A story of Japanese “Blues”

The concept of the colour of blue
in Japan is broader than how you see it.

When you walk down a street in Japan,
you see traffic lights as you normally see it in your country.
What really gives you confusion is, whereas red and yellow basically go by the same name as you know,
the Japanese green light is not called green light, it undoubtedly looks green, but is called blue light.
The most appropriate explanation for this mystery is that the word “blue” in Japanese comprised both blue and green.
Before a concept of green colour coming to Japan, the Japanese blue had explained the broader kinds of colours.
Because, there were only 4 kinds of colours, such as black, white, red and blue, at that time.
From the point, at the heart of the mystery is the unique concept of the word “blue” in Japanese.
It’s not only appeared in the traffic lights, but also it is appeared in other things.
When we see a mountain covered by green leaves of trees, we normally describe it, blue mountain.
It is the means to express feeling to the thing rather than it looks.
This complicated concept in the blue left still in our generations is the very example of aesthetics for Japanese, which has passed by generations by generations from over 1000 years ago.

Mihama Blues means that we would like you to encounter the Japanese blue
in this town and experience the story of our blue.


Corporate Name

Mihama Tourism (General Incorporated Association)


June 2019

Representative Director

Kenichiro Minato


Area marketing, Kii Card Management Office,
Planning and selling travel related products, etc


Shichirimihama Tourist Information Center 2F,
6115-5 Atawa Mihama-cho,
Minamimuro Districtm Mie, 519-5204