About your dress

Please come in moveable wear and shoes for cycling on the day.
Please come in trousers.

~Things to bring~

  • ・Backpack ※No basket on bicycle
  • ・Rainwear ※You can rent it, but please bring it if you have
  • ・Hat (summer: Cap, Winter: knit hat, etc.)
  • ・Gloves (mandatory in winter)
  • ・sunglasses
  • ・towel
  • ・sunscreen, insect repellent

(Spring and fall)

Please bring a jacket like a windbreaker etc.. There is a possibility that early morning is chilly, so please take measures against the cold with a fleece or a thin down jacket.


Breathable wear such as sportwear is recommended
Please do not forget also towel to wipe sweat away.
※ sandals are not good.


You should prepare for coldness and wind. Plaese wear thick and moveable jacket or windbreaker. It is better that you wear many layer of clothes. Pants which is impervious to wind are good. We recommended wear which can cover neck, wrist, and ankle.

<Weather forecast information>

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※In mountainous region, it might be a temperature difference as minus 5 degrees compared with the weather forecast.